We carefully select the furniture manufacturers we showcase in our store. Value is of utmost importance. Simply because a line is of good quality is not enough. We choose each company we put on our floor because of their style, quality and price.

When it comes to style, we believe that timeless designs are best. We avoid fads and gimmicks because high quality furniture will outlast most short lived trends. Our store is full of traditional, colonial and some casual contemporary designs that have and will stand the test of time.

With quality in mind, we look for durability. Furniture should be built for use (and also for abuse). We find that solid wood is the lasting material to build furniture from. Unfortunately most manufacturers today build furniture from particle board or what is known as Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and neither product will be able to stand up to everyday use as well as good old-fashioned hardwood lumber.

Price is important to everyone and we know that quality doesn't matter if you can't afford it. Our large, four story showcase store is located in a low overhead area in downtown Buffalo where high cost real estate and high taxes do not add to the price of your furniture.